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Get your songs ready to compete with other top commercial releases?

You’ve just found the place.

As an independent artist, it can be a challenge to get your songs to sound as good as your favourite artists.

“Demos” are a thing of the past. Your songs need to be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with major releases whether on radio or on Spotify / iTunes / Pandera playlists etc.

There can be no quality drop, and in fact somehow you need to stand out.

This is where we come in.

We’ll help you turn your vision into reality, your songs into killer recordings, and help on your path to greatness.

It is a labour of love. It is a pleasure for us to create the perfect working spaces for our own and others’ projects.

Looking forward to hearing your songs.


Do you have songs? We have vision, gear & skills

Do you have songs ready to be recorded, and want them sounding just as good as your favourite artists?

Give you songs the best chance to further your career. Sound amazing.

Whether you need to record a full band or just track vocals, guitars, bass or any other instrument, we have the facilities, the equipment and the perfect space for you.

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Do you need help defining your sound?

Taking your songs to the next level?

Want to run full projects, with sourced musicians and managed sessions or add tracks, overdubs or programmed parts to make your songs ‘more interesting’ from a sonic perspective?

Whatever the project, we love helping songwriters to take their songs from a few strummed chords to a complete, amazing sounding mix that can compete and stand out as a commercial release.

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A special note on vocals

We take great care to choose the best microphones to suit your voice. From warm valve and ribbon mics to great sounding solid state cardioid and dynamic mics, it is essential to find the best match for your voice and style.

But it’s not just the technical aspect. The perfect recording comes after the perfect performance, so that’s why we make sure you feel relaxed. Our studio is an inspiring space with various natural and artificial lighting options. We will regulate the amount of light – however much or little you need to feel laid back, inspired and ready to perform at your best.

Mixing / Online mixing

It’s all about the emotion

Or rather, it’s about translating and enhancing it to the final mix – making use of the best technical processes to ensure that the emotion of your music and your performance comes through on the recording for the listener. We want to make sure that nothing is lost and that we enhance the elements that make the music special.

This is how killer records are made.

Artists sometimes underestimate the importance of the mixing process, but this is the stage where the key decisions are made about how your music will sound to the world (after mastering of course).

From a tight low end to a cracking snare, amazing sounding vocals, killer guitars and so on – getting all this in a balanced and cohesive final mix is how you make or break your songs. It’s all about having a good ear, knowing what audiences expect sonically and how they are going to be listening to your music.

We particularly love mixing the following styles:
Singer / Songwriter
Indie / indie pop / indie rock
Alternative rock

We offer:
Online mixing services
Attended mixing sessions (with you in the studio alongside us during the mixing process)

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Helping Songwriters

Taking a song idea from a vocal tune and a few chords on a guitar / piano or beats into a full scale arrangement and production is a big task.

Maybe you have a great initial idea – a killer hook or chorus or a sweet verse. The ‘full song’ is not quite there yet, though. It just needs a little work to tease out the best elements of the ideas and build up the perfect structure and instrumentation for the song.

Or maybe you do have the full song but need help creating parts and sounds for all the instruments the song need.

If you’d like to share your ideas and your vision with us, we’ll see how we can contribute to them, source the musicians that may be needed and get to song into shape for recording.

Let us hear what you have and let’s chat.

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